PHOTOS: Horrible T-Shirts Declare Kristen Stewart A ‘Trampire’ (Slightly NSFW)

File this under ‘things that are tasteless’ and/or ‘fangirls going way too far’.

It is all-too-common occurrence: people trying to sell graphic tees with really crappy messages to girls. In this edition of icky tees, we have one that reads “Kristen Stewart Is A Trampire”. The description for the tee, which is selling for $20.99 on is “That dirty vampire slut! Why would you cheat on Rob?”

While the invented word ‘trampire’ is almost clever, slut-shaming is never okay. Regardless of whether or not you think what Kristen Stewart was wrong, that still doesn’t give you the right to call her a tramp, and it especially doesn’t give you the right to call her a tramp publicly. Also, they’re just kind of…creepy. Why anyone would feel the need to display an opinion about a relationship between two people that they don’t know is beyond us. And that’s not all — there are a myriad of others with more or less the same message, saying things like “Robert Pattinson Deserves Better” (tamest) and “I Wanna Take A Dump On Kristen Stewart” (probably the most vicious). We’ve compiled all the terrible shirts we could find in the gallery below. Enjoy…or don’t.

[via ONTD]

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