Kristen Stewart Showed Up To Her Friend’s Wedding In Jeans

Kristen Stewart could not possibly be more indifferent to the behavioral guidelines stars are supposed to follow. She disrespects Karl Lagerfeld. She won’t smile in photos. That’s one thing, but looking like you don’t give a crap at your friend’s wedding is entirely another.

That’s right, gentle readers, KStew — the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, mind you — showed up to a friend’s wedding in New Jersey having made zero effort in denim, a boring black tee shirt, and an equally boring black blazer. Snoozefest. Seeing as she lives in LA, this is an event that she would have to pack for, and she didn’t even go to the trouble of bringing an appropriate outfit, which would have been no more difficult to throw in a suitcase than her jeans. Of course, maybe something outside of her control that contributed to this fashion faux pas? After all, lost luggage happens to the best of us. But Stewart’s attempt at dressing appropriately was short-lived: the Daily Mail reports she briefly borrowed a Zac Posen cocktail dress from the groom’s sister’s closet, but ended up back in her jeans.

While we here at Styleite love us some good denim, there is a time and place for it, and a wedding is absolutely not it. Showing up to one of the most important days of your friend’s life looking like you don’t care? Seriously rude. Check out the Instagram pic below for a full view of KStew’s outfit.

[Daily Mail]

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