Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s Romance Was Fueled by Wrestling and Cough Syrup

This has to be the most oddly romantic thing we have ever heard.

Courtney Love Kurt CobainKurt Cobain and Courtney Love will forever be our alternative Romeo and Juliet. It’s no surprise their first flirtations were as bizarre as they were spectacular. The duo’s initial meetings are chronicled in an excerpt of Charles Cross’ new book Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain, released by today by The Daily Beast.

The lovers first met on January 12, 1990 at a Nirvana gig in a small nightclub in Portland, Oregon. Cobain was there with his then girlfriend. Love was with a friend who was dating someone in the opening band. During their first meet-cute, Love teased Cobain, saying he looked like Dave Pirner, the lead singer of Soul Asylum. The neg prompted Cobain to wrestle her to the beer-covered floor, which was apparently his version of flirting back.

Love started following Nirvana, and later told Dave Grohl that she had a crush on Cobain. When she found out he was suddenly single she sent him a gift that was so quaint you would think it was a Victorian custom: He received a heart-shaped box filled with a tiny porcelain doll, three dried roses, a miniature teacup, and shellac-covered seashells. Cobain happened to love dolls.

Their second meet-cute solidified their soul mate status.

“Kurt was backstage drinking cough syrup directly from the bottle. In a bit of fate, Courtney opened her purse and displayed her own vial of cough syrup, a more powerful brand. They wrestled to the ground again. The vibe was very sexual.”

This has to be the most oddly romantic thing we have ever heard. Click here for an inside look into their courtship.

[The Cut via The Daily Beast]

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