That Ex-Victoria’s Secret Angel’s Christian Clothing Line? It’s Here…

model kylie biscutti

Back in April we told you about that Victoria’s Secret model who left the lingerie behemoth because it was getting in the way of her Christianity. In a New York Post piece, Kylie Biscutti (pictured above right) had said she was moving to Montana with her husband to promote her book I’m No Angel and work on a Christian clothing line.

The book, which chronicles her journey from Victoria’s Secret model to Montana-dwelling housewife, was released in May. And while we weren’t one of the 62 people who contributed to its 4.6-star rating on Amazon, we’ve at least got to hand it to the girl for sticking to her morals. Don’t like the book? Don’t buy it.

But the clothing line, called ‘God Inspired Fashion’ or ‘Gi’ for short, is a little more in-your-face. The website’s homepage reads, ‘Help put God’s word back in schools. Start a revival!’ It then goes on to talk about inspiring change in the hearts of schoolyard dissenters simply by wearing a pair of neon skinnies or separates that look suspiciously Pink-inspired. Actually the jeans aren’t that bad, though we do take offense to Biscutti’s taste in typefaces. What’s a bit more awkward is reconciling her ebullient copy with the ‘Fear God’ shirts.

As frequenters of Forever 21, maybe we’re throwing stones in glass houses. But doesn’t Bisutti know that all Victoria’s Secret models really want is to smile, laugh, and pose with fake, feathery babies?

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