9 Iconic Kylie Minogue Looks To Prep For Her Fashion Retrospective

Upon the news that Kylie Minogue would be releasing a book retrospective of all her mah-jor fashion moments, two things happened: 1. ‘Love at First Sight’ immediately popped in our heads and hasn’t left since 2. We dug through the archives to prime ourselves for all the feathers, beading, and sequins that are sure to fill our next favorite coffee table book.

While it became apparent that for the past few years, Minogue has always hit the sartorial nail on the head, we also became privy to the fashion skeletons that lie in her glimmering closet, but with a career that has spanned as many years as hers — she totally gets a free pass. But it appears she’s not ashamed of anything that lies in her Locomotive past, as she explained in a recent interview:

“There’ve been ups and downs and fabulous moments and not so fabulous moments, but basically the book was a celebration of 25 years I had to include some moments that were less than stellar because we all make mistakes along the way. Some ideas that we thought were fantastic at that point in time were upon reflection, a big mistake. That’s all part of my journey and actually it’s what I like about fashion.”

Since we know the it-made-sense-at-the-time outfits all too well, we love that the book won’t simply be a carefully-edited round-up, but rather a true look back. And don’t worry if you find yourself thumbing through the book with feelings of bitterness over her ability to, style mistakes aside, be perfectly dolled up at all moments, you can take solace in the fact that she “can go to total frumpsville for sure.”

She explained:

“I’m a complete letdown. At home the stilettos come off. The comfy clothes go on. I’d love to maintain this illusion that I kind of elegantly waft around home or something but I need that balance in my life … to just be completely anti-fashion and just put whatever’s closest on, and home is the place to do that.”

After clicking through our gallery of a number of her most iconic looks, you’ll get an immediate reminder of why this lady gets to traipse around in sweats whenever she sees fit.

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