PHOTO: Online Retailer Inadvertently Features Nude Man In Kids Ad

Nudity in fashion advertising is nothing new, but we have to wonder what crazy chain of circumstances would lead to a brand feature a grown man’s full Monty in an image designed to sell a children’s T-shirt. That’s what happened to La Redoute, a French retailer that sells everything from women’s underwear to men’s electric razors.

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Stylist UK reports that the image has stirred up its fair share of controversy in France — and with good reason. The photo, found on La Redoute’s e-commerce site, features four annoyingly happy looking children frolicking on the beach wearing fun (if grammatically incorrect) T-shirts. But way off in the distance behind them is a man wearing absolutely nothing. This is creepy on a number of levels — in the photo, this naked man’s presence invalidates all that childlike joy the children are experiencing.

But then you have to step back a level. How did this man get here in the first place? Did La Redoute really do a children’s photoshooot on a beach where people are allowed to roam around naked? Odds are, if there was one naked guy on that beach, there were probably more.

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The French Twittersphere has exploded in anger over the image — we don’t speak French, but the language of righteous indignation is universal. One angry tweeter described the affair as a “SCANDALE!” We’re inclined to agree with that assessment. Because even if a naked man accidentally slips into the back of your photo, someone in your ad department would have to notice before it went online — there was probably even time for someone in La Redoute’s creative department to erase this guy altogether with Photoshop.

But instead, we got full frontal male nudity in a children’s clothing ad. Which is something we shouldn’t ever have to see.

[Stylist UK]

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