Ladies, Wearing Red On the First Date Actually Works…

scarlett johansson red hotScientists are one step closer to cracking the code of courtship — and the findings certainly aren’t black and white.

British researchers polled a total of 1,128 female and 1,232 male adults from around the UK, all of whom were in relationships, asking them if they remember the outfit that their partner was wearing when they met (92% did). In addition, they were asked what color stood out for them the most. When asked if the color had an impact on how much they were attracted to them, 64% of women and 69% of men said it did — with red being most successful for women, and grey for men.

Here, are the results:

Top 5 colours worn by women in relationships on first date
1. Red (27 per cent)
2. Blue (19 per cent)
3. Green (14 per cent)
4. Black (11 per cent)
5. Purple (8 per cent)

Top 5 colours worn by men in relationships on first date
1. Grey (24 per cent)
2. Black (22 per cent)
3. Blue (16 per cent)
4. Green (8 per cent)
5. White (7 per cent)

Additionally, the Daily Mail reports that men say yellow and brown are the colors most likely to put them off, while women say a man in pink or yellow would turn them off.

George Charles of, who commissioned the research, explained the basis of their study:

“Whilst it may well be considered fickle to base the odds of a second date with someone on the colour they choose to wear upon an initial meeting, the fact is that we make our primary assessments of potential partners extremely quickly,’ said , who commissioned the research.”It is human nature to want to find faults and imperfections within these individuals in order to protect ourselves from hurt later down the road.It therefore makes sense that before you really get to know someone, fashion sense, and in particular, clothing colour choice, is one of the first things the brain will notice and evaluate for later analysis of a rendezvous.”

Ladies, this new information means that it’s time to trade in the ol’ LBD for an LRD if love is what you seek. And men, there’s no time like the present to invest in a three-piece grey suit.

[Daily Mail]

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