A Dramatic Retelling of Lady Gaga’s Dramatic AMAs Entrance

Once upon a time, a pop princess rode into the biggest, grandest music awards show in all the land on the back of a milk-white steed. The horse turned out to be humans in purple morphsuits with some pieces of cardboard stuck to their heads, but her waist-length blond hair was still shiny and lustrous — almost as shiny and lustrous as it had been when Mert and Marcus took her royal portrait. In fact, a lot of the peasants in the crowd and on Twitter shouted Lady Gaga was wearing the exact same Versace look.

Only the high priestesses of fashion were brave enough to point out that no, Lady Gaga actually had more eye makeup on, an Ace-bandage bandeau and a somewhat unfinished gown (the better for riding, duh) instead of a tight, knee-length dress. So all the queen’s human-horses and all the queen’s men clicked through the slideshow below and agreed the high priestesses were right. Then Lady Gaga herself gave them all swag with Medusa heads on it and everyone lived happily ever after.

The end.

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