PHOTOS: 7 Hair-Raising Moments From Lady Gaga’s “Applause” Video

Lady Gaga and Inez and Vinoodh whet our palette for the ‘Applause’ music video by unveiling the pop star’s four V magazine covers last week in all their naked glory. But despite the visual appetizer, we still found our eyes utterly unprepared for what we saw in the hair-raising video that premiered on Good Morning America this a.m. Particularly, the part where we see Gaga’s singing face atop the body of a black swan.

Kanye West will surely be displeased as we’re certain that ARTPOP queen just knocked him out of first place for the most anticipated performance for the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday. If her music video is an indicator, we might see nearly every inch of Gaga’s newly-trimmed physique, over-sized seashell pasties, a bikini made of leather glove-clad hands, sheer lavender moments, rainbow face paint, and God knows what else.

We’ve learned many times over that Mother Monster has a way of tricking us into thinking we even have a faint idea of what to expect, and then proceeds to dose herself in fake blood, arrive on the red carpet in a fake egg, or just become Joe Calderone, so we’re going to do our best to go in without any expectations. See some of our favorite ‘Applause’ moments, below:

lady gaga applause

lady gaga naked

lady gaga hands applause

lady gaga applause fashion

lady gaga scary

lady gaga swan

lady gaga mask

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