WATCH: Lady Gaga’s Bodyguard Slams A Fan To The Ground

Lady Gaga has some pretty crazy fans. Luckily she’s also got some pretty mammoth bodyguards, lest those fans get a little too close for comfort.

That’s exactly what happened in Bucharest yesterday, when a middle-aged man rushed the pop star in the lobby of her hotel. While he was only attempting to get an autograph, Gaga was in the midst of being ushered outside towards waiting fans who were there for just the same reason, and his plan was thwarted when one of her bodyguards intercepted. The burly security detail grabbed him by the neck and slammed him to the floor, WWE style. While some people believe that perhaps the take down was excessively violent, we’re inclined to think it was par for the course in this kind of situation.

And hey — at least they weren’t firing (alleged) shots like Gisele‘s bodyguards! Or carrying their client out of the building, Anna Wintour-style. That’s gotta count for something.

[Nicolas Constantinou via Gawker]

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