Lady Gaga Buys Her Boyfriend A $55,000 Backpack For His Birthday

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We’ve all acted as fools in love — but foolish enough to drop $55,000 on a knapsack for our beau’s birthday? Never. Unless, like Lady Gaga, we had $80 million in the bank. This said, we don’t blame Mother Monster for dropping some serious dough on a gift for her boyfriend Taylor Kinney’s birthday, because for one, we’re not blind, and second, that’s practically pocket change for Miss #2 on Fortune’s Most Powerful Celebrities List. So now that we’ve voluntarily given Gaga a free pass to shower her adonis boyfriend with gifts to the tune of numbers-that-make-us-cringe, let’s take a closer look at the backpack in question.

Firstly, it’s unsurprisingly by The Row, and we know all too well that the Olsens have a penchant for pricing their rucksacks at economically-insensitive prices. But, to their defense, the bag could be considered a work of art given that it was created at the hands of art world god Damien Hirst. Each style from the black Nile crocodile collection boasts the artist’s signatures, including technicolor polka dots and rainbow pharmaceuticals. Additionally, according to the Telegraph, Kinney apparently takes his birthday “very seriously” and “loves his backpacks”. If this is the case, we officially deem this splashy display of affection, from someone who owns a Louis Vuitton wheelchair, not totally ridiculous (sorry, Anderson Cooper). And Gaga should count herself lucky, because we’re a tough crowd.

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