Lady Gaga Shakes It For Terry Richardson In ‘Cake’ Teaser

Remember that time Lady Gaga told Cathy Horyn‘s boyfriend to suck her d*ck in rap form? Well, apparently that rap is going to have a video, and the teaser for said video is out.

The 15-second clip, shot by Terry Richardson, is pretty much exactly what it sounds like — a looooot of “cake”, to the point of being, in our opinion, raunchy. Honestly, it was a bit painful to watch this, because we think we’ve finally discovered that there is, in fact, something that Gaga can’t do: rap. Now our illusions of her as a someone with some kind of superhuman, universal talent are shattered. And it makes us think of Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy for Uncle Terry. Please, please, just let this one die.

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