Lady Gaga Debuts New Jet Black Chop on Terry’s Diary

In light of recent events, we were shocked to find that when Lady Gaga popped up on Terry’s Diary earlier today — their was an utter lack of flesh (okay, with one exception). Instead of going the practically-nude route, Gaga opted for a band tee and showed off a brand new hairstyle — a jet black crop. Who knew it was the cut-du-jour that she was hiding under that massive, seashell adorned wig?

We’re happy to say that new ‘do is werking and proof that she doesn’t need a faux mane to be a bombshell. As for her lone skin-baring shot, it’s just your run-of-the-mill derriere shot, which Richardson captured for her new single “Do What U Want” ft. R. Kelly that dropped today (and is a certified club-banger). View the images and throw Gaga and Kellz duet collaboration on, below.

lady gaga short haircut

lady gaga short black hair

lady gaga naked ass

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