WATCH: Lady Gaga Hits Surprising New Low With ‘Edge Of Glory’ Video

Where do we even start? After consistently raising the bar of artistic expression for, well, everyone, Lady Gaga has seriously disappointed us with the music video for her new song, Edge of Glory.

In the video, Gaga walks around what is clearly a set in exactly one two vintage Versace outfits (which are probably the most exciting parts of the entire video). Sometimes she sits on a stoop next to Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band, at other times she wiggles around on a fire escape that’s too wide not to violate some kind of building code. And that’s it. There are no backup dancers, no complex visual messages about death, no alien robot tentacles cleaving her in twain from within. It’s just Gaga and the music.

If the woman was a different kind of artist, that would totally be enough. But her art, such as it is, is so reliant upon all of the moving parts that she normally juggles — the shirtless gays jiving in her shadow, the layered storytelling, the ever present sexual tension between her and the camera — that without them, her message just becomes damn boring.

So why did they go with this concept? It’s been reported that originally, the video was as complicated as Alejandro and as conceptual as Judas. Director Joseph Kahn was set to direct Gaga in and out of a variety of scenarios, including a mermaid tank, a hospital and a subway station, but there were some issues on set and the concept didn’t come together. The original casting notes called for a group of hunky male “couture doctors” and a “Puerto Rican or Dominican type badass” to star in the video alongside her. But in a round of direct messages with a Gaga fan on Twitter, Chancler Haynes, an on-set editor for the video, said that at the last minute, Gaga changed her mind about the video, scrapping what must have been hundreds of thousands of dollars — not to mention countless hours — of production design in favor of five minutes of her jumping around a fake street scape. We don’t know what the other version of the video would have looked like, but a mermaid escaping from forced plastic surgery with the help of a younger Enrique Iglesias type sounds a lot more interesting to us than just watching Gaga dance around a wet street.

We don’t know what possessed Gaga to scrap all that work, but take a look at the video (and its original set design) and tell us if you can come up with anything. We’re stumped, and we want our old Gaga back.

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