Lady Gaga Sues Excite Worldwide Over Trademark Application

Lady Gaga is really serious about this trademark stuff. First she filed suit against one of her biggest fansites for registering, and now she’s going after a marketing firm that is trying to use her name to sell jewelry and makeup.

Excite Worldwide has applied for trademarks like “Lady Gaga”, “Lady Gaga Fame”, and “Lady Gaga By Design” for cosmetics and jewelry lines with the US Patent and Trademark Office, even though they know their requests will be denied since they will never obtain Gaga’s legal sign-off. Their applications do stand to prevent Gaga herself for registering the trademarks for herself, however. But that’s not to say the popstar is at a loss when it comes to trademarks. According to the New York Post she “has already registered her stage name for clothes, ring tones, her website and chat rooms, and has pending trademark applications for hair, body and nail products, candles, key chains, cell phone accessories, posters, writing utensils, umbrella, tattoos, novelty buttons and headbands, among other things”. Whew!

So, why is Excite standing in Gaga’s way? Nobody knows! This will definitely cost them some hefty legal fees, and this is a case they stand no chance of winning. That said, as Gaga’s lawyer told WWD, “As long as someone is ahead of us on line — even if they are on life support — they are still blocking us.” Maybe they just really hated Born This Way.

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Dan Abrams, Founder