Lady Gaga Wears Egg Yolk Apricots And Caviar, Terrifies Us All In New Videos

As you might expect, the brand new Steven Klein-directed videos for Lady Gaga new fragrance Fame are anything but your run-of-the-mill, “pretty girl in a field of flowers”-type advertisements.

But then, this isn’t your average fragrance. Fame is “the first ever Black Eau de Parfum” and, like the first teaser clip, the videos are appropriately dark, twisted, and perverse. First there’s the screechy, horror-movie soundtrack. Then there’s Gaga stroking the face of a guy slathered in barnacle-esque black caviar. Then you have the egg yolk apricot neckpiece, the masked sentinels, the head submerged in liquid chrome, and the gilded figure of Gaga looking like an Oscar statuette in repose. And the black lacquer everything, obviously.

They’re weird, yes, but wonderful too. And we dare you to only watch them once.

[Haus Laboratories]

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