WATCH: Lady Gaga’s Marry The Night Video Is 14 Minutes Of Crazy

We’re going to be entirely honest with you here: We’re not exactly sure what’s going on in Lady Gaga‘s new music video for Marry The Night. So we’re going to let the Lady explain it herself.

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Gaga has said the video is autobiographical, based on the day she got dropped from her original record label, Island Def Jam. Which sort of explains why the 14-minute mini-movie opens with Gaga being rolled into some kind of an institution, talking self-referentially about her art-directed life. Right after she points out that both she and her nurses are wearing “next season Calvin Klein” and that her shoes are “custom Guiseppe Zanotti,” she explains that “It’s not that I’ve been dishonest. It’s just that I loathe reality.”

Gaga gets released from the asylum and runs headfirst into her new life, declaring that she’s going to be a star, because she has “nothing left to lose.” She then proceeds to go crazy in a dance class, on stage as a ballerina, and lounges around naked in her deep red apartment, where she mostly languishes and throws Cheerios at the fourth wall.

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And then all of a sudden, she’s famous again. She’s wearing fancy clothes and getting into the backs of fancy towncars — and she even has an appointment scribbled on her hands for Interscope, the record label she’s with currently. We guess, you know, full circle?

In interview, Gaga explained that this vision of her past is how she interprets it in her own special way.

“When you deal with things from your past how do you personally view them, as opposed to what happened in a factual way? I mean I could sit all day and tell you in this interview and tell you what happened that day, but it’s boring. It’s really boring.”

Thanks for going the extra mile to give us something cool to look at, Gaga. Take a look at the video (and all the costumes!) below.

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