Lady Gaga Disobeys Anna Wintour, Swears At Met Gala

Finally the juicy gossip about Lady Gaga’s attendance and performance at the Met Gala is coming out. First the Fame Monster kept the red carpet waiting with her step-and-repeat no show, and now Page Six reports that it was because she couldn’t be coaxed out of her changing room.

[Gaga] refused to walk the red carpet and remained locked inside her dressing room for most of the evening. “She literally wouldn’t come out,” says a spy. “Friends tried, [Warner Music exec] Lyor Cohen tried, no dice.”

Well, when you’ve got a name as bold-faced as Gaga’s as the evening’s performer, you know you’ve got to bring out the big guns. Which is why Oprah, the queen of the sympathetic-yet-hard-hitting talkshow interview, was sent in to get her.

Says Page Six’s source, “Eventually, Vito Schnabel came over and got [artist] Terence Koh on the phone to talk to her, which helped. Koh and Oprah were the ones who finally coaxed her out.”

But that’s not even the juiciest tidbit. It turns out that Anna Wintour had one very specific request (read: rule) for Gaga, should she choose to perform — which is to say, no swearing. Gaga, while recounting onstage how she got the gig, said:

“I’ll never forget when Anna Wintour called me to play at this event, she called me and said, ‘I would like you to play at the Met gala, but I just want to make sure, because I’ve seen you perform before, that you won’t be swearing during the performance. So Anna, I will do my [bleep]-ing best!”

We’re hoping the Gagster actually said “fucking” because that would be, for lack of a better word, fierce.

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