Lady Gaga Wore Nipple Tassles To Guest Edit Metro

In what will surely be recorded as an interesting example of the moveable line between promotional content and editorial independence, Lady Gaga turned up for her shift as global editor-in-chief of Metro in London yesterday. The Mother Monster took the reins of the free daily newspaper, directing content and offering her opinion on stories just days before her new album, Born This Way, is set to hit stores all over the world.

Reuters reports that Gaga showed up to the office with a pink-tinged bun atop her head, black fishnets, black heels and some kind of black strapless bra-like top. We don’t know whether she was wearing a skirt or pants, but minders of workplace decorum will be glad to know that she had some kind of something covering her lower half. Still, Gaga apologized to Metro’s writers and editors saying, “I’m sorry if my business attire is a little different” as she went around shaking hands.

Then she set the agenda for the morning editorial meeting, talking about a number of topics, including bullying and earthquake relief efforts in Japan.

We haven’t seen the paper edition of Gaga’s issue of the publication, but there is a fun analysis of her handwriting on Metro’s website. And now that she’s armed with the kind of editorial credentials most people would kill for (in case you’d forgotten, she’s also a columnist for V Magazine), we’re beginning to wonder what field she’s going to conquer next. Any bets?

[PopWatch, Reuters]

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