WATCH: Lady Gaga Believes In The Great Backpack Comeback

We don’t speak Japanese, but we do speak fashion — and we’ve deciphered something pretty important from this video of Lady Gaga in the land of the rising sun: If Gaga is wearing a mini-backpack, the rest of the world will be in very short order.

Of course, we’ve been heralding the return of the backpack — or The Great Backpack Comeback — for over a year at this point, and we’ve seen them on the backs of everyone from Richie Rich to Suri Cruise wearing the handy contraptions. So it doesn’t really come as a surprise to us to see other celebrities wearing the ingenious, utilitarian bags. But we don’t remember anyone with as much potential to influence what people run out and buy as Lady Gaga sporting a backpack in recent memory, so for us this is particularly exciting. Her fans are so into her — and into fashion — that we can only hope they’ll take not of how practical and balanced her backpack looks, even when she’s walking in 11-inch platforms.

But we also hope they notice her message about the t-shirt she’s wearing, which may be the most important part of this ensemble. She told the Japanese press, “This t-shirt’s sold at Uniqlo, and all the money will go to save Japan.”

Saving Japan and the backpack comeback? Those are two causes we can definitely get behind.


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Dan Abrams, Founder