WATCH: Gaga Confronts Anti-Gay Concert Protester On Flip Cam

We’re pretty big fans of Lady Gaga, so it’s nice to know that for her, getting her makeup done is as natural a part of her job as defending her legions of fans against the people who tell them they’re going to hell for listening to her music.

At least that’s the message we get from the most recent installment of Gagavision, which the mother monster tweeted this morning. In it, after doing six hours of press and changing into new hair, face paint and clothes (she even toys with the idea of doing all of her interviews nude because that’s always in style), Gaga rolls up to a concert venue and confronts one of those fundamentalist Christian protesters who don’t really like her line of work. The guy hands her a get-out-of-hell-free card and tells her to stop supporting the gays.

Her response is about as cogent as something recorded on a Flipcam could possibly be, and it only makes us more excited for her column to debut in V Magazine. See the video for yourself, below:

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