Lady Gaga Answers Celebrity Questions on SHOWstudio

This morning Lady Gaga participated in the ninth installment of SHOWstudio‘s In Camera interview series, answering questions from fans around the globe (we would have asked her about all those phrases on her Hermés Birkin, but alas, we didn’t wake up in time).

But the interview, conducted by the site’s fashion director Alexander Fury, didn’t just attract the attention of Gaga’s little monsters – some pretty big ones showed up to submit queries, too. Fashion-world heavyweights from Cathy Horyn to Naomi Campbell typed in a question for the pop diva. (All quotes pulled directly from SHOWstudio.)

Daphne Guinness on art and the future:

Q: Do you think that the arts can change the future? (for the present that we all seem to be in is certainly not the one I envisaged!)
A: I do, I do think hat we can change the future with our voices, and with music and with fashion. And I know why she feels that way. I will say so genuinely and authentically Daphne, when I met you, you change my future.

Gareth Pugh on downtime:

Q: Gaga, I see all these pictures of you getting off a plane in an outfit, a full on head to toe – I want to know how you do it. I cant really picture you in a Virgin sleep suit, but I’m assuming the plane is one place where you can catch up on your sleep – so what happens between the plane and the arrivals lounge?
A: I sleep in all my glamorous glory!

Cathy Horyn on Gaga’s influences:

Q: I’m wondering to what extent your style has been influenced by Isabella Blow and Daphne Guinness? I detect not merely more high fashion in your look, but more English flamboyance.
A: Isabella and Daphne are two genius human beings. Women, Icons, but so much more than that. They are for me a way to look into myself and examine their lives and who they are in an effort to understand myself better. Isabella is an enormous inspiration and so is Daphne, and I cherish their lives. I cherish them both, as if we were cut from he same cloth.

Naomi Campbell on doing a duet:

Q: Who would you love to duet with dead or alive?
A: With you Naomi! I would have loved to do a duet with Judy Garland. I would have loved to have known her. John Lennon. David Bowie! And Nick Knight, but we do lots of duets together!

Raquel Zimmerman on performing with Elton John:

Q: How did you feel playing face-to-face with Elton John at the 2010 Grammies?
A: I felt so happy, and so joyful, and so grateful! You can really see it on my face in that performance that I was just so happy. It was a transition at that point, where I was beginning to build friendships with these people I admire so much. It was like the Berlin Wall falling. I felt a lot freer after that. I felt very free.

For the full transcript, click here.

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