WATCH: Lady Gaga Performs In Latex Pregnancy Belly On SNL

We have to give Lady Gaga all sorts of props for her appearance on Saturday Night Live last night. The pop superstar is nothing if not fearless. This is why she was down with emerging from an egg (kind of like at the VMAs, but this one was covered in caviar — fancy!), donning a black latex pregnancy belly, and then giving birth in stirrups (!) on stage. Of course, this was all while performing “Born This Way”.

Gaga didn’t so much give birth to a baby, as she did to a whole lot of goo. This was kind of gross! But interesting, we guess? Anyway, we dig the big-shouldered, gold-striped latex crop top she wore pre-pregnancy, and the spikes she paired with her pregnancy belly (which appears to have some sort of inexplicable ring on it).

Of course, Gaga didn’t perform just once! Her other musical performance was certainly less high concept, though the clothes were almost as wacky. First Gags showed off a flat gold headpiece (with eyes!) as she played “Edge of Glory” on a piano. She also wore a bejeweled bodysuit (again with amazing shoulders) and a bejeweled glove. So much sparkle! She then had to take off the headpiece as she transitioned to a dance-filled rendition of “Judas”, though her two-toned thigh-high boots were on full display instead.

Consensus? The “Born This Way” goo birth situation was a little bizarre, “Judas” gets better every time we hear it, and Haus of Gaga definitely knows a thing or two about costumes. Check out our slideshow of all the looks, and watch both performances below!

“Born This Way”:

“Edge of Glory”/”Judas”:

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