WATCH: Lady Gaga Bared Her Midriff On ‘The Sopranos’

Until VH1 gets the rights to product a “Behind the Music” special on Lady Gaga, her fans have to do their own research to uncover the Mother Monster’s history. And thanks to the intrepid hunters/rabid fans of Gaga’s at Starcasm, we have photos and video of a small role the lady played on “The Sopranos.”

Of course, true fans of Gaga will know that in her high school yearbook, the burgeoning musical phenomenon then known as Stefani wrote that most people wouldn’t know she was on an episode of the HBO series. But now there’s proof.

Gaga appeared in one scene of season three, episode nine of the show. Her screen time features a group of kids who break into their high school pool at night to go swimming and generally make a mess of things. Gaga has no lines and doesn’t really join in on the desk-throwing, trophy-case smashing fun — instead she just sits back, laughs maniacally, has a cigarette and wears the kind of sweater she probably had to sneak past a disapproving mother.

Below, you’ll find video and photos of exactly what we mean.

[Via Starcasm]

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