Lady Gaga Gets A Tumblr, Steals Name From Fan

It seems like everyone’s going after Lady Gaga for stealing these days. First we learned she’d copped her name from a Babylonian slave owner, then we hear the mother monster may have embezzled money from her “We Pray For Japan” campaign and now web users everywhere are accusing Gaga of stealing her Tumblr name.

Gaga’s Tumblr, Amen Fashion — like her song — launched on Monday. But turns out one of her loyal fans had a like-named Tumblr but the mother monster wanted the name so her management company asked the fan via Tumblr’s Community Support to give it. The fan, in response, apparently switched his Tumblr name to Amen Fashion1, upon which the website contacted him demanding a more drastic change.

So while Gaga did steal the name, she almost had a right to — it was her song title, after all. And, at the very least, he now gets to go around saying Lady Gaga stole something from him, so there’s that.

As for the Tumblr itself, its pretty much what you’d expect from her, meaning it’s completely weird and unexpected. She’s updated it a few times since yesterday with kooky quotes and strange photos. Although the controversy seems unnecessary, we have a feeling Gaga doesn’t mind that much more attention. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?


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