Gaga Explains, Once Again, Why Fashion Is So Important

We just finished reading Lady Gaga‘s most recent magazine interview, written by Jo-Ann Furniss for Vogue Hommes Japan, in which everyone’s favorite mother monster explains that the way she dresses is not a part of her act. She says her wardrobe is as integral a part of her personality as the music she makes — Furniss testifies to this when she observes Gaga wearing what her critics might call a costume “in a distinctly untrendy East End pub feeding families Sunday lunch with no paparazzi in sight.”

Luckily, Lady Gaga has people she says can recognize that there’s no pretense in what she does.

“There was this group of people in the fashion industry like Nick Knight, Nicola Formichetti, McQueen, Mr. Armani and some of my other friends … who saw the genuineness of what I was doing. Not the disingenuousness at all, but the liberation in that sort of work. What I love is the way it sets me free and the way I want my fans to be set free by it too.”

This frankness is why we here at Styleite love Lady Gaga so much. Though she is widely accused and even condemned for being more product than personality, for having been manufactured to satisfy some curious hunger in those bored of pop music’s blandness, the reality could not be further from the truth. She flat-out refuses to fit the mold — or the clothing — of people who have risen to fame in recent years. It’s why she can do outlandish things like getting photographed in a meat bikini and still look fabulous. It’s also why she likes 70s stars like David Bowie and Marc Bowlan so much.

“The art and the fashion and the music world were all intertwined and I guess that is the world that I live in today just through who I truly am,” she says.

And who she is is a widely influential international sensation who has as much power over boys as she does over girls.

“She does not necessarily want to restrict herself to influencing girls or having her own self too wrapped up in that identity,” Furniss writes, “but wants to influence men as well. That’s why she is as equally interested in and important to men’s fashion as women’s fashion, in a male world as much as a female world.”

And you thought her posing as Jo Calderone was all just for fun.

[Via Nicola Formichetti’s Blog]

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