WATCH: Woman Kills Cat To Make Outfit For Lady Gaga Concert

Our undying love for Lady Gaga could probably lead us to do some crazy stuff, but skinning a beloved family pet and using its blood as part of an outfit to wear at her concerts is not one of them.

We thought that that boundary applied to everyone until we came across this news story about a 20-year-old Oklahoma woman named Angelina Barnes. Police say Barnes drowned her family’s beloved 15-year-old tabby cat, scratched out its eyes, cut it open and removed its liver.

A relative came home to find Barnes shrouded in darkness, (the light switches had been covered with duct tape “so she wouldn’t be able to turn on the light”). Barnes was wearing a long coat with streaks of the cats blood on her face. The liver was found in a makeup case on the bathroom counter. Barnes reportedly asked for help and is currently being treated in a hospital where she threatened a nurse with a piece of glass. It’s going to be a long recovery.


[KFOR via Gawker]

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