PHOTOS: Lady Sybil From Downton Abbey Landed A Jewelry Campaign

Loath as we are to even consider the idea that any of the actors from Downton Abbey exist in a world that doesn’t involve titles and servants and a big house in the country, they do. And when they’re not pretending to be variously assorted members of the British nobility, they’re doing cool things like starring in modern jewelry ads.

That’s where we find Jessica Brown Findlay, the actress who plays the part of Lady Sybil Crawley on everyone’s current favorite costume drama. Findlay got covered in ghoulishly pale makeup for Dominic Jones‘s new set of ads, which tout his intricate gold jewelry.

“She’s a real English Rose” Jones told The Telegraph. “The collection is quite aristocratic and she was a perfect fit, she has a real natural beauty and is really engaging.”

We guess it doesn’t hurt that she plays a member of the nobility on one of the most popular shows on television at the moment. But just for safe measure, Jones also cast a real life noble, Lady Mary Charteris, niece to heiress and fashion alien Daphne Guinness. They look pretty good together, no?

[The Telegraph]

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