WATCH: Lane Bryant Model Slams ABC And Fox

Ashley Graham is the model featured in the now infamously contentious Lane Bryant lingerie commercial.

[Quick Recap, before we go any further: Lane Bryant filmed a commercial for their new lingerie line, bought primetime airtime on Fox and ABC. Got refused. Got mad. Wrote a blog post pointing out that both networks have no issue airing Victoria's Secret commercials. Posted the video online. ABC and Fox denied everything. Lane Bryant published documents which show ABC banned the ad from being aired before 9PM.]

And now, New York’s WPIX caught up with Graham (in Brooklyn!) and got her take on the whole debacle. Unsurprisingly, she’s upset. She calls Fox and ABC prejudice and says it’s sad that the average woman isn’t allowed to see herself “having a good time and dancing around in their bra and underwear.”


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