REVEALED: Lanvin Ads Include A Drag Queen, Musician, & Philanthropist

More images from Lanvin‘s fall 2012 campaign surfaced today, and it certainly looks like Alber Elbaz is making good on his promise to cast “real people” of “different ages, different sizes…like a crazy family”. The newest members of the clan are indeed an eclectic bunch, ranging from an aristocratic-looking brunette with a neck full of jewels to a hipster youth with half-bleached hair. Also: a wolf man. Of sorts.

They join octogenarian ex-Apollo dancer Jacquie “Tajah” Murdock as stars of the unconventional Steven Meisel-lensed campaign. Murdock’s ad incited much debate amongst the blogging set when it surfaced last week — the question on everyone’s lips being, “Is that China Machado?” The answer was a definitive nope, as it turns out. The stunning woman is Advanced Style blogger Ari Seth Cohen‘s muse.

Fashionista interviewed Murdock about her unique NYC history, how she landed the Lanvin gig, and what her experience was like on set. Here’s the cutest bit:

“Alber Elbaz kept kissing me and saying ‘I love you, I love you, I love you!’ He came to say goodbye to me and said, ‘Imagine if I never met you.’ He said, ‘what’s next?’ I said, ‘Paris, that’s what’s next!’ We’ll see.”

With all of the hubbub surrounding Murdock, we certainly wouldn’t be surprised.

Cohen also introduced us to one of the other campaign stars on his website today: 62-year-old stylist and fashion consultant Tziporah Salamon. She told the blogger about how excited she is to be included in Elbaz’s ads:

“I am totally honored, jazzed, and thrilled. I am so grateful for this opportunity. In my early 20s I would have never realized that I could do something like this. It wasn’t until I was in my 40s that I began to see my beauty. By then I felt that there weren’t many opportunities for older models.  How ironic is it that i am having my big break as a model in my 60s? This is a great day!”

Quite the find, isn’t she? So who else is getting their big break? Thanks to some sleuthing, we unearthed these three lucky ladies:

Stella Rose, a “female drag queen” with a killer blog and a penchant for glittery neck collars. She wrote a post about the shoot today: “Yes, I was street cast for this. If anyone is trying to make you feel bad for looking different I am telling you now that this is where being yourself will get you.”

Rachel Trachtenburg, an 18-year-old “musician, radio personality, model, singer, political and animal activist and actress” (we just had to hand that one over to her Wikipedia page) whose closet you may just recognize from StyleLikeU.

Mari Malek, a Sudanese philanthropist, DJ, and part-time model. Her charity, Southern Sudan Initiatives, benefits the “Lost Children” of the Sudan.

In total, the brand cast seven other newbies to make up a cast of twelve. Check out the new ads, plus the original pics we showed you yesterday, below:

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