Lara Stone’s Son Loses Baby Gifting Race to North West

Mark our words — one day there’ll be a “Who Wore It Better,” and that’s when he’ll exact his revenge. [Maniacal laughter.]

We really have no use for an infant-sized top except repurposing it as a tea cozy perhaps, but not even our grotesquely huge heads and bodies can stop us from very fervently wishing Riccardo Tisci would messenger one over for us too, like he did recently for Lara Stone‘s son.

So yes, the entire Internet-connected world collectively awwwww-ed when The Spawn of Kimye received her “OMG Baby Bambi custom shirt” (and more miniature designer clothes you can look at below) at the beginning of October, but, as everyone also knows, he who looks cutest in Givenchy laughs last. And hardest.

We’re all rooting for you, Unnamed Progeny of Gap-Toothed L’Oreal Paris Spokeswoman. No pressure.

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