Lara Stone Used To Want To Be A Garbage Man

We’ve long admired Lara Stone for her beauty and totally down-to-earth personality, so her latest round of confessions is super refreshing! In an interview with British website Stylist, Stone talks about telling her parents she wanted to be a hooker and the British food icon she’s totally obsessed with.

On her childhood ambitions:

I know when I was younger I wanted to do tonnes of different jobs. I used to come up with these crazy jobs to try and provoke my parents but they said you can be anything you want. So I was like, ‘I want to be a garbage man’ and they were like ‘That’s OK we’ll still love you!’ And I was like ‘I want to be…” maybe not quite a hooker… I don’t know something outrageous and they were like ‘that’s OK!’

On her favorite photogs and stylists:

I love working with Alasdair McLellan. When he shoots film, the pictures aren’t too photoshopped and they have a special mood to them. On the other hand, Mert and Marcus are the complete opposite; they always make you look like a strong, sexy woman and I want to be just like me in the picture. Over the years, my favourite shoots have been the ones that Carine [Roitfeld] has styled. She has something so special and so naughty.

On her latest hobby:

Knitting. I started two months ago when I quit smoking. I have a totally addictive personality so I instantly downloaded all these apps for patterns. I’ve made lots of squares in different colours and then I’m sewing them together to make a blanket, it’s getting quite big now.

And on her current (and unexpected) beauty icon:

In my world, it’s really nothing special to look nice, you have to have something else I guess. At the moment I’m obsessed with Nigella Lawson. I think she is just the most gorgeous thing ever. Her skin practically makes me drool. I’d love to be just like her.

Another highlight? When Stone makes it clear that for all her sources of insecurity, her lovely gap tooth isn’t one. “I love my teeth!” Lara says after telling the site her imperfect smile was almost changed. Read more of the interview, where Lara spills on her favorite foods and finding Lady Gaga totally unsexy, here.

[Stylist via The Huffington Post]

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