Temperley London Describes Its ‘Dark Tan’ Leather Pants As ‘Latino’

Just in case you needed to be reminded that British people can be racist, too, take a peek at the product notes for this pair of tan leather pants from Temperley London. In their online description, the pants are called “Latino.”

Yes, sadly, in a move somewhat similar to Urban Outfitters creating an entire product line named after the Navajo tribe, Temperly named an expensive pair of pants after an entire ethno-geographic group of people. The pants have no similarity or connection to anyone who was born in Latin America (other than the obvious comparison that these pants are made of brown skin, and some Latinos have brown skin). As far as we can tell, the leather the pants were made from wasn’t sourced in Brazil or Venezuela, and we doubt the garments were actually sewn together in Mexico or Belize or any other country that belongs to the region. So what gives? This couldn’t possible be a typo, right?

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Maybe it could be. Gawker points out that while the product name calls the trousers Latino, the product description calls them Lantino, with an ‘n’. Like so:

These dark tan Lantino Leather Trousers make them the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe. The sexy skinny fit with visible seams for a lengthening effect makes a versatile trouser for day or night.

The only modern reference to the name Lantino we could find is a thoroughbred racehorse who, in 2008, was the Reserve Champion of the Holstein licensing in Neumünster. Unless Alice Temperley herself has a betting problem, we highly doubt naming them Lantino or Latino has anything to do with this horse. The company named the pants Latino because they’re dark tan. Next we imagine the company will start calling its brown knitwear “African sweaters” and its yellow coats “Asian outerwear.”

But after a little more digging, we found out that for €800 (about $1,134 at current exchange), Lantino the horse will get your mare fully pregnant. It might sound like a pricey hookup, but it’s a lot cheaper than paying $1,745 for a pair of racist pants.


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