Lauren Conrad Is Sort Of Involved With This New Beauty Website

Because famous people love side projects, Lauren Conrad has signed up with the editorial arm of a new beauty blog called The Beauty Department. It’s a lovely site that features instructions on everything from how to create the perfect ombre nail polish to how to create vintage-y barrel curls. We don’t know what Conrad’s role with the site is for certain, but she seems to be a spokesmodel/blogger/promoter or sorts. All of which is great, but the site’s ultimate goal is to “roll out a cosmetics and hair line,” and we’re guessing Conrad’s postion will be a little more defined by the time that happens.

But for now, we have the website. And it’s a fairly nice one, even when you consider that it has a grand total of five posts so far, including one that is a link to Allure magazine’s May iPad app featuring Conrad on the cover.

The “About Us” post says the site will feature a wealth of tutorials and lots of “exclusive images of our lovely Lauren Conrad,” but that The Beauty Department shouldn’t be a totally didactic one-way medium. The site hopes to foster a discussion so that it can better serve its readers, even though we don’t know who those readers are going to be yet.

And maybe once they figure that out, they’ll be able to figure out just exactly what Conrad’s job there is.

Lauren Conrad to Launch a Beauty Site Called The Beauty Department [Racked]
HELLO WORLD! [The Beauty Department]

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