Lauren Conrad To Star In New MTV Reality Series!

Lauren Conrad, that not-forgotten former reality TV star, used to pine about how much she wanted to have a normal life. Of course, that could have been part of her scripted reality. Nevertheless, when she told Ryan Seacrest that plans were in the works to bring her back to MTV‘s reality TV lineup, our hearts skipped a beat. For fear of violating some contract or other, Conrad wouldn’t tell Seacrest what the show is about, but we have a few ideas:

1) Competition show: Clearly there’s no one better suited to vet the preparedness of a young gun who wants to take on their own reality series, and we’d like nothing more than to watch Conrad put a group of pretty young things through the paces of what it’s really like to be on a scripted reality show.

2) Dating show: The ratings for something like, “Lauren Conrad’s Real, True Love” would be so high the Nielsen agency wouldn’t be able to calculate them properly. Just sayin’.

3) Style advice show: Conrad has spent most of her adult life in fashion. What (other than “Lauren Conrad’s Real, True Love”) could possibly be better than watching her zip around the country and getting people red-carpet ready?

4) Another scripted reality series, but not about her life: Honestly, we’d be happy to see “The Hills” pick up where it left off, but Conrad says the new show won’t feature as much of her life. Does that mean it will follow her professionally? We wanna know what’s happening behind the scenes at Kohl’s!

5) A VH1-style social rehabilitation show: Conrad would only tell Seacrest that her new show would be “very different” from what she’s done in the past. Conrad is one of the few people on that network who seems to have her head on straight — maybe she’ll help other people get their lives in order?

What do you think Conrad will be doing on MTV?

[Via Remote Control, On Air With Ryan Seacrest and Backseat Cuddler]

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