Lauren Hutton On How She Showed 1960s Ad Execs Who’s Boss

This is the bitchface we imagine she gave the table of ad execs.

There are a lot of things we love about Lauren Hutton‘s interview with Michael Kors in the September issue of Interview, but topping that list is a badass tale the model-slash-actress told about auditioning for a group of Mad Men-style ad execs in the 1960s.

The two also spend no small amount of time discussing the fashion lessons they learned from prostitutes, which is why you should definitely read the whole piece, but allow us to just cut to the chase. Emphasis ours.

KORS: And look how long it took! I know you’re not a television person at all, Lauren, but have you ever seen Mad Men?


KORS: What’s your reaction? It’s set around when you started modeling.

HUTTON: It’s like when I very first started going to ad agencies and things in ’65. They’ve done a very good job of capturing that moment with that show. Everyone was that square. And that male-dominant madness . . . I remember one time going on an appointment at an agency and I went into this conference room, and there were 35 or 40 men and 2 women lined up all around this long table. So I walk in and one of the guys says, “We need to see your legs.” And I just flipped. I was just furious that they would take a person and bring them into a situation with all these people and everybody is staring at you. It was something that I found so deeply offensive. So I jumped up on the table, which was a very fine, expensive table . . .

KORS: A serious conference table.

HUTTON: And I had high heels on, and I jumped up and said, “Sure, I’ll show you my legs.” And I strolled up and down with my heels along the table. I mean, they told me to wear heels beforehand, so I was already mad going in. I walked up and down their conference table showing them my legs and they’re all gasping in silence, and I’m smiling a real smile, looking side to side at each of these guys. Then I jump off and I said, “Will that be all?” and split. [both laugh] I actually got the job, but turned it down because it was for cigarettes.

Peggy would have been so proud.

Michael Kors [Interview]

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