WATCH: Transsexual Model Lea T. Opens Up To Oprah

Styleite favorite Lea T’s long-awaited Oprah episode aired today and it was as inspiring, enlightening, and engaging as we expected.

Oprah and Lea had a wide-ranging and incredibly frank discussion about the model’s sexuality, upbringing, and career. Because Oprah is, well, Oprah, she also asked the question most of her audience was waiting for, which is to say: “How do you hide your penis?” Lea T answered with delightful aplomb. But she also gave a thoughtful answer as to how she truly views her sexuality. Lea believes she isn’t homosexual, but that she suffers from Gender Identity Disorder.

“I wish I could accept my body as a man. I think [my life would be] much more easy…But it’s something in my brain. Medically, it’s a disorder. I tried to live as gay because its easier…like all transgenders do… but at the end of the story when you go to the doctors, they realize you don’t have any homosexuality, because your brain is like a woman’s brain. When you’re transgender, you feel like a woman. So I prefer men.”

Lea plans on having surgery, but is currently in the process of obtaining the requisite court authorization to do so.

Lea told Oprah that while her family is supportive, it hasn’t been easy. After she walked in Alexandre Herchcovitch’s show in Sao Paulo last month, her father called her to say, “Now I can die happy.” Her mother hasn’t been quite as comfortable with her daughter’s transformation, something Lea says stems from her deep Catholicism. “It is a fight with her religion. But she’s always nice to me.”



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