The Man Repeller Talks Hanging Out With Bankers, Hating Tattoos

leandra medine

There’s only one problem with Leandra Medine’s tweets and blog posts: They aren’t long enough. That’s a difficult thing to make people feel in a world where reading anything over 140 characters sometimes seems exhausting, but her confident self-deprecation and natural hilariousness are responsible for many embarrassing public laughing attacks and one instance of almost spitting coffee on a stranger.

So we’re obviously pretty excited about the blogger’s upcoming book, Searching For Love, Finding Overalls, which WWD reports as being slated for release Sept. 10. The only problem with that is it’s right in the middle of New York Fashion Week, making it impossible to shut ourselves away for an entire day and dedicate a few solid hours to reading.

According to WWD, each chapter of the book will be named after a different questionable item of clothing. We’re particularly interested in finding out which garment she’s chosen for the chapter detailing losing her virginity to her banker husband. But while we’ll have to wait over a month to find that out, there are some juicy facts that we didn’t know about our favorite blogger.

1. She was kicked out of her great-grandmother’s hospital room after turning up in ripped denim shorts. We love a girl who sticks to her sartorial guns.

2. She’s an 87 percent extrovert on the Myers-Briggs scale.

3. She hangs out with bankers. Medine admits to being popular with her husband’s corporate colleagues because she’s friends with models, which isn’t exactly hard to believe. But her outfits stand out enough among fashion crowds, so we imagine them to cause quite the stir during UBS bank’s happy hour excursions.

4. We were a bit surprised to learn that Leandra is definitely not a fan of permanent body art. “We decided that tattoos are literally a cry for help,” she says of a recent discussion with a friend. “We wanted to say, ‘I wish I had been around to help before you decided to yell using your body.’” Well, when this is your arm, who needs ink? And she is 24 going on 80, after all.

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