Wall Street Journal Officially Endorses Leather Shorts

They say trends come and go, but according to today’s Wall Street Journal, leather shorts are here to stay.

Yes, folks, you read that right. The Wall Street Journal — that buttoned up, strictly tailored, sensible flats-loving bastion of old media — has turned its ballpoint pen on the ultimate in S&M wear: hot pants. At first glance, the title totally threw us. “Shorting Leather?” — we figured it was some (yawn) economical reference to a supply shortage which might actually help to explain that $13,000 leather jacket.

Silly us for reading too much into it, as it turns out that the leather referenced in the story is most definitely not in short supply — it’s just plain short.  “Not since the Von Trapp children donned their lederhosen (German for “leather trousers”) in ‘The Sound of Music,'” writes the Journal, “has the fashion world seen so many variations on the traditional attire of Bavarian boys.” Or since the last Guns & Roses concert — but who’s keeping track, right?

But a far cry from the second skin articles that saw a spike in popularity among “trend setting men in the early 1980’s,” the new brand of is a hybrid of l-orts.  Leather shorts, as the article explains, “lie at the intersection of two separate trends: shorts and leather” and share much of their sartorial DNA with such Forever 21-friendly pieces as “jeggings” and “snoods.” Funny, the last time we saw a pair of leather shorts, it was at the intersection of white and trashy and we could have sworn there was was butt cleavage involved. “We’ve been primed for this,” said Valerie Steele, director of the Museum at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

Our apologies to L-ort loving trendsetters but what self-respecting woman (besides maybe Julie Andrews) could possibly be primed for the return of stiff, unflattering lederhosen? Bavarian pretzels — now those we are primed for, but we’ve got to draw the line when is chafing involved. Just imagine trying to ride a (non-Harely Davidson) bike in those suckers.

Unfortunately, it seems this trend cannot be stopped. Miley Cyrus has already been spotted performing in a pair of L-orts and according to the Journal, singer Rihanna appeared on the January cover of GQ magazine in a tiny brown pair of Balmain leather shorts (undoubtedly priced at $50,000.)

The WSJ goes so as far as to advise that one pairs an ever tasteful pair of l-orts “with a low boot, a bikini top and a scarf around your head.”

Sounds pretty classy. Eat your heart out, Blasberg — it’s in the Wall Street Journal.

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