Leigh Lezark Uses Drugstore Brands To Dye Her Hair

Leigh Lezark is as famous for being one of third of the musical trio and scenester DJ group The Misshapes as she is for her jet black and asymmetrical bob. Thankfully, Vogue.com is here to report that Lezark, whose natural hair color is blonde, uses drugstore box dye to maintain her inky look.

This is newsworthy because apparently no one with any money in their bank account would actually use box dye. Or something. We don’t really know. But the article is full of helpful tips like how Lezark uses “tiny bar towels” so as not to “risking staining good [ones]” and dabs Vaseline on her hairline to avoid any marks from renegade dye.

While Vogue points out that Lezark “doesn’t take the process too seriously”, they seem to have the opposite problem. In case you were wondering, Lezark pays extra attention to the roots (who doesn’t?), but “it’s the little blonde pieces that creep out at the crown that bother her most.” Good to know!

Lezark is also very adventurous! Much to Vogue’s chagrin, she strays from the instructions by shampooing, then leaving the conditioner in and then once again shampooing it out. Also, she saves money by reusing her rubber gloves, which Lezark helpfully refers to as ” DIY.”

So, there you have it. How to use drugstore box dye, courtesy of Leigh Lezark, Vogue, and now us.

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