6 Most Hysterical Moments From Lena Dunham’s Podcast With Jeff Garlin

“Girls” fans, do yourself a favor and download this podcast.

It’s the second episode of Curbed Your Enthusiasm funnyman Jeff Garlin‘s “By the Way” series, in which he talks to fellow hilarious people like Larry David, Lena Dunham, and Will Ferrell about anything and everything for 90 minutes. We listened to Dunham’s episode over the weekend, and it was just the thing to get us through the winter blues. The conversation was recorded in front of a live audience right after the Emmy Awards, so along with the standard subjects of Girls, nudity, diets, and writing, there’s plenty of insider jokes about the red carpet.

Here are some of our favorite of favorite quotes, just to whet your appetite:

On getting her Gmail inbox down to zero unread emails:

“I’ve done it maybe five times and they’ve been the best. I’ve gone to sleep with the feeling that anything was possible and nothing could ever hurt me.”

On diets, food, and Girls:

“Even though all of the girls on my show are great, I’m on a show with three other girls. We talk a lot about diets; we talk a lot about bodies. On any given day I feel like there’s someone who’s, like, winning on the scorecard of healthiest relationship to food. Like there’s one day where someone’s like, ‘I’m just loving salad right now’ and all the rest of us are like ‘Get away forever.’”

On the “Girls” cast walking the red carpet at the Emmy Awards:

“My boyfriend is in Oslo and he was watching the Emmys red carpet…and he said that every time a cast member from ‘Girls’ walked through it was like a freaky ghost. Like Zosia [Mamet] walked through and she was wearing this amazing dress by — I really laughed when she told me. I was like ‘Who’s the designer?’ and she was like ‘Bibhu Mohapatra‘ — it sounded like something from Zoolander. But he said she looked really confused and pale and dropped something, then kept moving through.”

On Mario Lopez:

“You know who’s not in MENSA? Mario Lopez.”

On Katy Perry‘s “Daria” nails:

“Daria was sort of my comforting point of reference, and then I went on Twitter and Katy Perry was like, ‘Loving my new Daria nails!’ and she had nails with a picture of Daria painted on every one of them and it just felt like, ‘Is nothing sacred?!’ But at the same time I have a lot of respect for Katy Perry and enjoyed her 3-D film a lot.”

On taking her mom to the Emmys:

“I wish so much that there was a cam of her during the Emmys, because usually we watch all awards shows at home together eating Chinese food and talk about everyone’s dresses. She just talked about everyone’s dresses like we were at home together. So someone would walk up on stage — Hayden Panettiere, I can’t lie to you guys, she walked up on stage and my mom goes, so loud, from our front row seats, ‘Oh no!’”

Seriously. Take an hour and a half and get ready for some laughs.

photo via Facebook/By The Way with Jeff Garlin

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