Lena Dunham To Playboy ‘I Wouldn’t Want To Be A Victoria’s Secret Model’

Lena Dunham and Playboy. Two words we never thought we’d write in the same sentence…but well, here we are. The Girls creator recently sat down for an interview with the mag, and naturally, the topics touched on all things sex and hot girls. But not in the way you would think — get your mind out of the gutter, guys.

Dunham tells interviewer David Rensin that she learned what sex was when she was five, that she doesn’t feature sex scenes to be provocative but rather to be educational, and that she wouldn’t want to be a hot Victoria’s Secret model.

When asked what she would do if she woke up as a VS model, she responded:

“I’d be really disoriented and wonder what had happened in the night. Which enemy had dragged me to the doctor? I don’t think I’d like it very much. There would be all kinds of weird challenges to deal with that I don’t have to deal with now. I don’t want to go through life wondering if people are talking to me because I have a big rack. Not being the babest person in the world creates a nice barrier. The people who talk to you are the people who are interested in you. It must be a big burden in some ways to look that way and be in public. That said, I probably would want to see if I could get free food at restaurants. Then I’d call a doctor and see if she could return me to my former situation.”

Well, actually, she wouldn’t mind looking like a VS babe if that’s what it’d take for guys to stop mistaking her for an extra on the set:

“Sometimes when we’re shooting the show, extras don’t know that I’m the director. They’ll come up and say, ‘How long have you been working as an extra? Want to walk over to the craft services table?’ I’m always flattered when that happens because there are a lot of very beautiful girls around in short skirts, and they chose me. Unless they’re pretending they don’t know who I am. Otherwise, despite all the attention I’m getting lately, I definitely haven’t had any Ryan Goslings saying ‘I love the way your mind works. Can I take you to dinner?’ Maybe it would happen if I looked like a Victoria’s Secret model for one day. Now I understand how I could use that.”

Read the rest of the interview over at Playboy. Obviously, NSFW.


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