When Will Stores Stop With The Offensive ‘Girls Can’t Do Math’ Bit?

Did you know girls are, like, really bad at math? Because they totally are! And it’s soooo funny LOLOL, but it’s okay because they can buy clothes instead!

Ugh. Today a friend sent us a link to a shirt she wanted to buy that she came across via today’s Best Bet post on The Cut. “It’s cute!” we Gchatted back. “But did you read the product description?” Oh, man. This is what the blurb on Life:Curated‘s e-commerce site says:

Just because you failed 11th grade math class doesn’t mean you can’t bring some geometry into your life with this Tetris print blouse.

Really? REALLY?! Did we learn nothing from Forever 21 (or JCPenney)? For the record, we’re placing the blame solely on Life:Curated and not the brand (which is The Addison Story, by the way) nor The Cut (whose description says nothing about math). But Life:Curated, you might want to switch up your product copy.

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