Lifestyle Blogger Compares Gaza to the Bedazzled Wedge Flip Flop Problem, Educates Nation


Lifestyle and fashion blogger, aspiring author, and painter of color block tables, Anne Sage, is absolutely defending her tweet about how we’re never going to be able to address Gaza until first, we deal with the problem of bedazzled wedge flip flops.

Hilarious. And here’s what not to say when you’re trying to get out of your own foolish joke:

Here’s the thing. Given the fact that this Martha Stewart Living-endorsed commentator made a point of classifying the wedge flip flop plague as bedazzled-specific, she might be our generation’s Mark Twain, and we’re just too thick to get her joke. Unfortunately it’s just a case of poor comic timing. Her fan base is made up of people interested in all the ways Meyer lemons inspire her, and even they are thinking about our “actual problems” right now. So yeah, not funny. And really just underscoring how content some people are to live inside the bubble that is their Bikram yoga challenge.

We have no more words but this.


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