The Curious Case Of Lil Wayne’s Baggy, Saggy Lady Jeggings

Yesterday we had lots of things to say about the fashion at the VMAs — the best and worst looks, the costumes, Kanye, Bieber, Gaga, and BEY-Z. Now we need to discuss the very curious case of Lil Wayne‘s legwear.

Weezy performed in some really awful leopard print jeans that we didn’t think much about. But then — but then! — Complex was all, “Hold up! Those are JEGGINGS.” And lady jeggings at that! The thing that is so truly odd about this is that they aren’t tight! Well, they’re tight, but not jeggings tight. In fact, they’re saggy!

Held up by a Louis Vuitton rainbow monogram belt, said jeggings sag enough that Lil Wayne’s Polo Ralph Lauren boxer briefs are more than a little visible. This all begs the question…WHAT SIZE ARE THESE JEGGINGS?! Sure, Weezy is a smallish dude. But his jeggings are saggy! And baggy! Jeggings are the opposite of those things!

Needless to say, we’re confused. This is surely one of fashion’s greatest mysteries.

[via Complex]

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