Should Lily Cole Quit Modeling For Acting?

After seducing us in countless spreads and campaigns with her signature red locks and voluptuous curves, England’s favorite babyface beauty Lily Cole has recently announced her decision to depart from the modeling world to further her budding acting career, according to Vogue UK.

Cole, 22, went into details of her retirement to the website:

“I love acting and if the right opportunity did come along I would definitely consider quitting altogether,” she told us. “It is certainly something I want to prioritise in the future. It’s not a finite decision though – I may not get the opportunity. If a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came along I’d even consider leaving Cambridge to do a film. I’d definitely weigh up my options and talk to my tutors about flexibility.”

Cole has received critical acclaim for her compelling performance in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, in which she plays the doctor’s daughter and Heath Ledger’s love interest Valentina. Perhaps this served as her motivation, and for that we can’t put any blame to her decision, but we’d like to extend a word of wisdom to the model cum aspiring actress: the transition, for many, is a rocky road.

One one side of the spectrum is Cindy Crawford, who figured the transition from her stint as host of MTV’s House of Style to to the big screens with a leading role in 1995’s Fair Game was plausible since, well, they both involve looking pretty at some rolling cameras. But while looks could kill, so can feedback, and Entertainment Weekly chimed in with nothing but snarkiness:

“Her life’s work has been wearing clothes in a way that makes you want to buy them, a skill that has nothing to do with expressing emotion or reading dialogue.”


On the other hand, Cole really did put on a show in Imaginarium, so the other outcome is that she’ll kick some serious butt. Best case scenario, she’d rival the most successful model-turned-actress of them all — so successful that we even forgot she was a model in the first place — Cameron Diaz. It would be unnecessary of us to give a rundown of her resume, because when you’re making serious bank through consecutive blockbuster hits, then who needs a modeling career?

Either way, we wish Cole the best of luck. We just hope that like all other actresses-turned-models, she and her femme fatale charm make a reigning return to the glossy pages.


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