Lily Donaldson Twerked with Cara and Joan Smalls in Paris

You don’t have to be (numerically) very old to experience nostalgia, right? Because if it wasn’t longing for the past that just gave our hearts a lurch, we should probably lay off the pre-noon PG Tips. And the brownies.

Lily Donaldson was one of the top girls when we first realized models were a) not all identical and b) worth knowing by name, rank and agency, so seeing her looking luminous as ever in this week’s Edit brought back more feels than a viewing of “A Scandal in Belgravia.”

In the Q&A sandwiched between multiple plaid shirts, beanies and loads of Saint Laurent, the English rose talks loving to work with Terry Richardson (really?), hanging out in skateparks as a toddler and a wee bit about the horse-riding accident that sidelined her — only temporarily, thank goodness — from fashion.

We’ve provided the Hollywood version below, but come on — read the whole thing. It’s Lily we’re fangirling over politely discussing here.

This can’t be the answer they were expecting to “Do you have a support network?”:

“[Joan Smalls and I] just went out in Paris together with Cara [Delevingne] and spent our evening dancing and twerking!”

On her very first runway show, to which she turned up an hour early:

“I remember asking makeup artist Val Garland in a state of panic to remind me how to walk.”

And here’s “the move valuable piece of career advice” she’s ever been given:

Naomi [Campbell] once said when you step onto the runway, just imagine the entire audience naked and you’ll be absolutely fine.”

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