Lily Esposito Talks Braids And Being An Election Night Style Star

It’s true: we still haven’t quite gotten over our election night girl crushes on Claire McCaskill‘s daughters Maddie and Lily Esposito. The sisters popped on to our radars last week when they graced our television screens after their mom’s Missouri Senate win in a pair of enviable outfits — Maddie a BCBG dress, Lily a blue-sleeved Theory sweater and milkmaid braid — prompting a slew of tweets and blog posts from newfound fans.

So in the interest of both journalism and cool new friends, we invited the younger sib out to coffee now that she’s back in New York resuming her studies at Hunter College. True to form, Lily had the stylish NYC student look down pat, arriving in checkered pants, beat-up motorcycle boots, and navy coat with leather paneling.

And, yes, just as on election night, a cool braided hair ‘do, though this time in the form of a single french braid up the nape of her neck, wound into a high bun. Oh, and some seriously enviable political nail art.

Styleite: Welcome back! What’ve you been up to since your return?

Lily: “I turned 21 on Monday and I haven’t been able to do anything yet! I have all these classes and none of my teachers have pushed back anything. I’ve missed like two weeks of school because of Sandy and then the election, so I’m just trying to catch up.”

Were you conscious of being on television while your mom was making her acceptance speech?

“Not really. I don’t know how other campaigns do it but we didn’t really order ourselves on stage. It’s funny actually because last time, in ’06, we had a foreign exchange student that year and he brought his friend with him so in all of the pictures from that night it’s our foreign exchange student and this random guy.”

How did you guys pick out what you would wear?

“I got the sweater and pants on a shopping trip with my mom, which are always the best kind. So I guess she picked them out in a way. The shirt I chose myself though. And Maddie knew I was going to wear pants since we were on FaceTime before showing each other our outfits so we could kind of coordinate.”

What did you think about the reaction you got?

“We didn’t know about it until the next morning. We just read through the tweets and laughed, especially at that one person who said my sleeve was awkward. And then my friends were all texting me and sending me links and stuff. There are all of these posts about it now on my Facebook wall.”

And the Chloë Sevigny comparison?

“I’ve gotten that one before, yeah, but usually it’s Meryl Streep.”

Is the braid your go-to style?

“I could never do any of the cool braid stuff when I was younger, so one night I just sat down with a tutorial and learned how to french braid, and then I learned the four-strand braid, then five-strand braid, then how to do a fishtail, and then the crown braid. And I don’t know if you saw, but I’ve got a french braid in the back now. My hair is down to like here *gestures to her waist* so I do them all the time.”

Tell us about your nails. [photo below]

“They’re actually my mom’s campaign colors! I got them done at Sakura in New York — there’s one downtown and another on the Upper East Side — they’re Calgel and so expensive but they’ve lasted about three weeks.”

Check out the outfits and Lily’s ombré nails below:

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