WATCH: Lindsay Lohan Films $35,000 Web Ad While Under House Arrest

For those of you wondering how Lindsay Lohan is handling her four month long house arrest, well, apparently she’s getting paid boatloads of money to film depressingly lo-fi web commercials for a penny auction site called Beezid.

We’ve covered penny auction sites before — remember OohILove, that short-lived sale site peddling Louis Vuitton goods under the guise of calling them “prizes”? — and Beezid is similar, though a little less fashion focused. Currently up for grabs: a $400 gift card to Best Buy, an electric pressure washer, and a humidifier. Even the “Fashion” category lists an electric razor alongside Carrera sunglasses and a shiatsu massage cushion. Oy.

Lohan was reportedly paid a bare minimum of $25,000 in cash as well as a $10,000 credit to spend on the site. That’s nothing to sneeze at but… really?


[via Buzzfeed.]

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