Even Lindsay Lohan’s Eyeliner Caused Problems On The Canyons Set

It should surprise approximately no one that casting Lindsay Lohan in your movie is a recipe for some tumultuous times on set.

In this weekend’s New York Times Magazine, however, we learn exactly what kind of tumult the starlet really brings along, in an aptly titled 10-page piece, “Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie.” The writer, Stephen Rodrick, observed Lohan throughout the filming of The Canyons, the Kickstarter-funded, Bret Easton Ellis-written thriller that she stars in alongside porn star James Deen. The first two lines alone were enough to have us hooked:

Lindsay Lohan moves through the Chateau Marmont as if she owns the place, but in a debtor-prison kind of way. She’ll soon owe the hotel $46,000.

$46,000. We’ll let that sink in for a minute.

It then traces the film through its nascent days as a glint in the eye of director Paul Schrader, through the deal that led to Lohan landing the leading role ($100 day, an equal share in profits, and no say in the decision-making), and on to the set. Though Rodrick remarks that the actress was “relatively” on time for her first makeup test, flashing “a wholesome smile that would not have been out of place in the world’s best soda commercial,” trouble began when she arrived at the aforementioned Marmont days later to begin filming:

A few days later, filming started at 3 a.m. at the plush bar attached to the Chateau Marmont, which [producer Braxton] Pope had scored free. It wasn’t an easy first day. The scene was the opening six minutes of the movie, and there was too much exposition and not enough action. But Pope had another concern.

“Her makeup looks like it’s from a different movie.”

It was true; Lohan’s visage had a Kabuki quality to it. She had chosen to wear layers of mascara and catlike eye makeup with black lines pointing out toward her ears. Before the shoot, Pope showed Lohan Polaroids of her looking beautiful with minimal makeup.

“Look, our interest is in making you look great,” Pope told her. “You look beautiful with just a little makeup.”

But Lohan was trying to put her pixieish Disney days behind her and thought the Courtney Love approach made her look hip.

We have a hard time believing there’s anyone left who still thinks of Lindsay as a fresh-faced Disney star, but even without the eyeliner, we’re sure that her four-way sex scene in the film should do away with that pretty quickly.

[New York Times]

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